Creativity Unlocked: An Inside-Out Approach to a Life of Joy and Purpose

Creativity Unlocked: An Inside-Out Approach to a Life of Joy and Purpose

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Your creative nature holds important keys for increasing joy and momentum in many parts of life. In Creativity Unlocked, discover an every day approach that sparks inspiration and accelerates progress toward the projects and experiences of your dreams. Upgrade your process with neuroscience-informed tools, get unstuck on long-term projects, find expressions that naturally spur delight, explore the narrative of your own journey, activate the secret sauce of creative flow, and build supportive community for your expressions.

Everyone is creative, whether via singing in the shower, crafting budgets, making coffee, kayaking rapids, or sharing a meaningful moment with a loved one. The question is not 
if you are creative, but what and how you are creating. To create is simply to bring about something new. Rediscovering creativity can help you flourish emotionally, professionally, and relationally. Your expressions can spark joy and meaningful connection in the present that fuel growth, enhance problem-solving capacity, increase resilience, and provide clarity for your career, your home life, and everything in between. Join Harvard-educated entrepreneur and former self-proclaimed "non-creative" Chris Lumry in a narrative-driven guide that will brighten your present and future seasons.

Human creative potential is the greatest untapped resource in the world. But this immense possibility for innovation is not the focus of this book, at least initially. Instead, this book
first prioritizes the internal benefits of unlocking this quality in humanity. Building a foundation of intrinsic motivation and connection can sustain many fruitful endeavors over the long-term in the midst of life’s uncertainties.

Discover activities and interests that make you feel fully alive.
Spark inspiration for current and new passions that are authentically yours, not just what you have been sold.
Learn how to overcome common creative barriers with psychology-informed tools applicable no matter your personality or context.
Increase meaningful connection in your daily schedule, which research has linked to fulfillment in life.
Step into new confidence around exploring, refining, and sharing your creativity.
Hear stories of businesspeople, artists, engineers, health professionals, and more who have increased clarity and joy by unlocking their creative nature.

  • "Creativity Unlocked breathed life into my work and helped me over a hurdle. I highly recommend for anyone interested in connecting their heart to their work, because all work is creative." - Jessica, Author
  • "As a concrete sequential-thinker, I didn’t think I was creative. This book helped me conceptualize and publish my first children's book and see that my favorite parts of my job are creative in nature." - Zach, Aerospace Engineer
  • "Hearing others' stories of transformation and learning about creativity as a means for connection helped me celebrate how I express through research and the arts." - Rebekah, Poet and Historian
  • "These concepts helped me lean into expressions that make my heart come alive and affectionately hold close things that bring joy once again, after experiencing great pain and loss." - Kendra, Nurse

Your background and interests may be different, your passions unique, your stories a world apart, but what you do have in common is your innate creative nature. This book will not fix every external challenge you’re facing. But it will facilitate internal experiences and offer tools that can help you navigate situations with hope and fresh vision. So, why wait? Discover the space decorator, rhyme spitter, overseas adventurer, romantic poet, or social impact activist within you waiting to be joyfully activated. It’s not too late, even if you feel like you are at square one. It will benefit your story, one step at a time.