Blessed: A Study of God's Blessing from Eden to Acts

Blessed: A Study of God's Blessing from Eden to Acts

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Does God actually bless us with good things? In a world that seems to reward those who hustle and grind, what does the Bible actually teach about the purpose of blessing?

In this fast-paced, 11-week inductive Bible study, Blessed: A Study of God's Blessing from Eden to Acts participants will cover a lot of theological terrain. From the initial invention of blessing in the first book of Genesis to the culmination of the greatest blessing of all in the book of Acts, this study helps connect the reader to the continuing story of God’s blessing for all people who place their faith in Him.

In this study, you will:

  • Study a singular theme across the entire biblical narrative from Genesis to Acts

  • Receive a robust understanding of context, genre, audience, and authorial intent

  • Grow in knowledge of theological terms and their purposes in everyday life

  • Receive a seminary style course on God’s historical-cultural purposes for blessing in the Old and New Testament

  • Develop a biblical hermeneutic of blessing that can inform daily satisfaction

  • Become confident in God’s desire to bless us and how He is still doing so today

Additional info:

  • 11-week study

  • Can be done individually or in a group

  • Provides breakout discussion

  • Includes a key of theological terms

  • Bonus: A 7-day Intertestamental study of the Psalms

  • No weekly homework, meant to be done in a single sitting