• Come taste freedom in every sip

  • Turning needs into opportunities

Come taste freedom in every sip

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Turning needs into opportunities

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Turning Coffee Into Opportunities

Providence Collective is an entrepreneur training program;
We are a family of women and children who have decided to break barriers, hold hands, and lift each other up towards new heights. We are sending a worldwide invitation for you to join us. What better way than through our splendid coffee? Come taste freedom in every sip!

100% of Proceeds are Donated

When you purchase coffee from Providence Collective, you are changing the life and destiny of women and children. 100% of the proceeds from Providence Collective funds our residential program Providence Heights and entrepreneurial training program Providence Collective.

Our Mission

Providence Collective is a non-profit entrepreneurial training program for women to achieve experience and skills required to build a sustainable foundation for their lives.


I felt so powerless in my life. The tragedies kept coming, the addiction never broken, and the lies feeding my anxiety and depression never silenced. That was then. Finally, now, in this very moment I am free. Free to be the powerhouse that I am. The beauty of who I truly am is astounding. I am a servant leader, a life changer, a freedom bringer! This is my calling. I touch lives and leave the fingerprints of Jesus. ~ Kristy